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...Your baby's first year - it happens so fast, don't miss a second ....

Your baby changes quicker than you can imagine

Your baby’s first year will pass really quickly. A tiny baby in your arms now, but in twelve months time a little person with a unique character and they may even be walking!

If you miss it now, it’s gone!

This is a time that none of us can ever call back, which is why it is so important not to miss this opportunity to professionally record these early days. I would like to invite you to my studio to photograph your baby’s first year, starting at around 4 months old, 8 months and then finally, your child’s first birthday. After each session, you select one portrait of your choice to be included in your baby’s first year folder. After the third session, I will present you with your completed folder.


Joining the Baby Club costs just £49


This price includes:

  • 3 photography sessions
  • 3 viewing and selection sessions
  • a beautiful folder containing 3 images, one from each of your photography session.
  • the option to buy additional products at discounted prices
4 month baby portrait

First Shoot

This is at 4 months. Your baby will have started to smile and will be enjoying interacting with you. Many babies of this age are happy to be on their tummies getting a new view of the world.

8 month baby portrait

Second shoot

This is usually at 8 months when your baby will probably be sitting without any assistance. They might be trying to move around on their tummies and they really want to explore everything.

12 month baby portrait

Third shoot

Babies usually return for their third shoot shortly after their first birthday. Often they bring balloons, cards and presents to include in their photos. It’s also a great time to have some photographs with other family members.

Your folder of 3 images (one from each shoot) is included in the price

cherubs folio

Let’s get Started

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Many thanks.

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