Terms and Conditions

The not so small ... small print



Watch Me Grow

    1. The Watch Me Grow programme provides the following:
      1. 3 shoots at the studio (14 Gilbert Way, Berkhamsted, HP4 3JF), each up to 30 minutes long as decided by your photographer. Your photography sessions will be when you baby is 4, 8 and 12 months old and will include only your baby. If you wish to have siblings, family members or other people included in the shoot, this may be available but will be an additional service that will be charged for, different product pricing may also apply.
      2. 3 viewings, where you will have the opportunity to select an image to go into your Baby Club Frame. You will also have the opportunity to select other images and buy products.
      3. When all three shoots and viewings have been completed, which must be before your baby reaches 18 months old, you will be presented with a frame containing three photographs, one from each of your photoshoots.
    2. Payment to join the Watch Me Grow programme is to be made at the time of booking
    3. Your Watch Me Grow Frame may not be upgraded or exchanged for other products.
    4. If you fail to complete your 3 shoots and viewings before your child is 18 months old, you will not be entitled to the Baby Club Frame and you will not be entitled to a refund of any payments made to join the Baby Club.
    5. You are expected to attend all booked appointments. If you wish to change an appointment, a minimum of 48 hours notice is required. Failure to provide this notice will require a payment of £25 for an additional appointment.
    6. Missed appointments (those where you don’t attend) can be rebooked but a payment of £25 is required to secure a new appointment.
    7. If you are more than 10minutes late for an appointment, it will not go ahead and will need to be rebooked. The additional appointment will cost of £25.
    8. Orders placed at your viewings will require payment in full (credit card, debit card or cash are accepted).
    9. Orders made subsequent to your viewing will incur a 25% surcharge.
    10. Clients, their friends or family may NOT take photographs whilst in the studio at either the shoot, the viewing or on any other occasion.
    11. Copyright for all photographs created by Richard Roscoe will remain with Richard Roscoe. You may not reproduce any photographs without his express permission.
    12. You give consent for all photographs created by Richard Roscoe, of you, your baby, your family or friends to be used in marketing materials, including but not limited to websites, printed materials and other marketing literature.


    Mother’s Day Gift

    1. The gift includes a weekday shoot and a mounted 8″xx6″ print.
    2. The print may include one parent plus one baby.