I met Carolin at a fair that I help organise, she was running a stall selling her book “My Tummy Yummies”. (Very generously, all proceeds from the sale of her book go to The PACE Centre who make a difference for children with physical disabilities).  Anyway, after school, Carolin brought her family along to the studio for a family portrait shoot – I can’t believe that she didn’t get stuck in the traffic through Chesham on her way!

I recently acquired a new helper in the studio, until now, Eeyore had been my main partner, he flaps his long ears and sings “If you’re happy and you know it”, but he now has Noddy to help take the strain. Noddy can also sing, his song is “Make way for Noddy”.

During the shoot, Eeyore and Noddy partnered to help make Carolin and her family chuckle … well the boys were laughing pretty hard when Eeyore, who had been sitting on my head, fell off and landed on the floor.

So here are a few images: