Types of Photography: Is photography the only photographic genre available? Nopes. There are countless different kinds of photos on the planet that have varied subjects, different tools and personal skills. A few professional photographers prefer expanding their skill base by taking multiple shots in one shoot, while others prefer pursuing a particular style throughout their careers. Many years of experience shooting different subjects may indicate a specific niche for professional photographers and their hobbies and interests.

Scientific photography

Scientist’s photography is not an artistic endeavor. I want to keep records. Photographs can be used for documenting new discoveries. It can be shown as abstractly as it was shown by humans in nature. It is a broad genre and can vary by portrait or Macro images. A cell. This is a specialization. Technical skills are greater than creative skills. Seascapes or ocean photographs are a genre specialized in landscapes. In this case oceans are the main focus. Another possibility is boats, islands, rock formations or cliffs. This type includes coastal images too. Instagram photos are photos shared on social networks.

Long exposure

As mentioned above long exposure photographs mean that you can change camera settings so that the shutter opens longer. Normal photographs usually have 1/200 shutter speed. During prolonged exposure, shutters will still be able to remain open longer or shorter. Long exposures are generally used for night shots and astrophotography. Macro photography is a method where you use an unusual lens when photographing tiny things. Generally macro photography involves taking photographs of insects or small animals in low elevation. This photo takes tiny but sometimes unknown creatures to an unprecedented scale. These subs are describing how women have been through maternity in their early twenties.

Golden Hour

The Golden Hour has always been regarded by some to be an ideal day to take pictures with natural sunlight. This includes the time before sunrise and just before sunset when the light turns warmer. Landscape photographers love the daylight hours as they see beautiful scenes. Portrait photography has also become the portrait technique. In this way it is only possible to see the head. These photos may be used as part of business website or portfolio, or with a security permit or driver license if needed. High Dynamic Range or HDR photography can be done through the use of multiple pictures from different scenes.


Fisheye styles create extremely interesting pictures that look disoriented and distorted. Those special ultra-wide angled lenses have been used here. It is surrounded by wide fields allowing for images which are filled with peripheral details. Sometimes your foot will be captured in a photo. Using Pikx by Panther Gymas has exploded recently causing a rise in popularity as a new social networking exercise model. Photos play an important role in promotions in the industry so improving lighting, pose and shooting abilities will assist you with your career as fitness photographer.



Known as a technique used in science to take high resolving images containing frozen images. The photo-sensing camera is capable of generating trillions of pictures / second and takes photographs in motion. The earliest known photographic medium was film or “digital”. Old-fashioned camera films contain cellulose. Unlike an electronic video camera film cameras expose the film in the light a few seconds before recording it in the cell. Currently, postprocessing software can easily replicate a vintage film image, but most movie photographers will not consider it at all.


Although this style seems fairly obvious, photography can be done outside the house. The absence of sunlight requires the photographer to add light options such as flash. Usually these genres are employed in commercial shoots. Infrarot cameras have existed for many decades. For creating the image, the camera captures Infrared light and records light and dark differently than a normal image. Infra-red cameras, filters and editing are available for making spectacular shots. It’s an unusual form of photography that’s subject to many myths, scientific and controversy.


Motion pictures are much more controlled than static photographs but have the same format. A photographer uses the controlled movements of their subjects or cameras deliberately in such genre. The picture has also curved lines with blurred lines that give an impression of moving. Motorsport photography is an alternative niche for sport photography. A photographer will take any photos of a car or motorbike in any direction they choose. The fan base is extremely interested in such imagery which can include car races and promotions.


Advertising photographs are commercial projects that use photos as advertisements. These images may appear in magazines or newspapers or posters on billboards and books. It generally focuses much more on the product rather than its specific product. Aerial photographs include photographs taken from birds’ eyes, usually from high positions and from afar. While drone images capture aerial photographs, these genres also encapsulate image capture from large aircraft such as aircraft, gliders, helicopters or even helipads.


Mobile photographs have become booming as people are using smartphones for everyday photographs. Among the more prominent industries of mobile photographers are the artists who produce artwork and commercial images with their smartphones. How should one improve their photography with their phones? Many photographers confuse monochromatic photography with black and white photography. So the image is classed as monochrome because it uses different colors of the photo but the monochrome picture can have any other colour.



Crime Scene Photography – or Forensic Photography – focuses on documenting the crime scene. The police have hired the photographer. Some photos are difficult to grasp. Glamour photography resembles Boudoir but usually tends more towards portrait headshots than body nudes. These pictures often show women in wigs prepared by professional makeup artists. They can be used in professional and private ways. Glitch photography is an exciting creative genre where the image must contain forced defects.

Multiple exposures

Photo multiple exposures are just as they sound – you use multiple images that overlap each other in a single picture. It can be done by some cameras, although it is often achieved using editing software. Stunning results which tell an interesting story to the viewers. Photographs taken from newborns often feature cute clothes or props. Our babies’ days are fleeting and documenting them is essential for most parents. Photographers who shoot newborns often do so for maternity photographs.


Kinetic photography is the way that the camera is moved not to observe movements, but instead to generate them. However, fast and intentional movement is the best way to produce fun images. Landscape photography is a major genre and has remained popular in a way that goes back for ages. It includes discovering beautiful landscapes for the celebration of nature. Landscape pictures can sometimes sell for a thousand dollars, especially when they are incredibly unique or remote.


Business photographs are usually used for work. Various photographs range between workers and builders wearing hard hats working on a project. These genres have a purpose to sell professional services. It’s similar to street photography where one usually shoots the subject without anyone knowing about it. Candid photos can serve to capture an individual’s nature and life situations. So people don’t force smiles or change their behavior just because they want photos taken.


Cityscape photography is very much like photographing a landscape, but is done in an urban or built-up area. Pictures of the skyline are a popular style of arts, particularly if it is your favorite city. City landscapes are also captured using hunkers and helicopters. Commercial photography is a profession in which a photographer has taken pictures for specific purposes such as promoting a product or creating a particular collection of images to promote other businesses.


The entertainment genre is typically used to take pictures of children for clients. Photographs can be taken from children’s portraits or perhaps captured while they are playing. This may only happen once each year, so getting someone who is a Santa to pose for photos can become an attractive investment! You would wonder how many people will pay for pictures of the children on Santa’s knees this festive season.


Holiday photos are an increasing trend that captures seasonal activities. These may be for family use and more frequently for business purposes. Images of seasonal food and event locations as well as their interactions can be employed in the marketing process.


High Speed photographs can be a scientific tool as well as a fun hobby. For this kind of photographing, special high-speed cameras use extremely high shutter speeds. Photos captured can freeze even the fastest subject – vehicles to accelerating bullets.


Adventure photos are pictures taken of sports such as extreme sports and action-packed adventure. Kayaks and rock climbs fall within this category. Action camera is the most suitable for this genre.


Minimalism is an artistic style in which photographers can capture images of scenes with minimal elements. I’ll only say it as a minimalist.


Wildlife Photography

Wildlife Photography is a art style focused on animal species and natural habitats. Animal behaviour is captured by wildlife photographers. Generally these photos are captured in magazines and exhibitions. Almost everyone does photography. In addition to good cameras a camera must be well equipped and a strong flashlight is necessary in order to capture the best pictures.

Wedding Photography/Event Photography

Typically new photographers start out their careers by practicing their weddings/event photography. It does not mean these types of photographers need any skills. A person who deals with these type of pictures must be a professional portraitographer and possess exceptional editing ability. There is increasing demand for wedding photography and other events.

Candid photography

Candid pictures are images captured by clicking the subject’s natural state without requiring specialized equipment to perform such an activity. This kind of photograph continues to increase not only during social events or special occasions but also for all kinds of photographs.

Bird Photography

Bird photography has long been a popular photographic medium for both amateur photographers and professional photographers. Bird photos take a great deal of time and effort because the feathery creatures are highly moody about keeping their posture and position.

Concept photography

Conceptual photography consists merely in presenting ideas presented to another person in his or her mind only via photographs. These kinds of photographs are commonly utilised for advertising and reiterate a concept or tagline for a specific product or service.

Beauty Photography

Beauty Photography aims to reveal true beauty in the subject matter and requires incredible talent from the camera. For capturing beautiful photographs, the correct mix of light as well as full confidence of the photographer and the models is essential.

Bodyscape Photography

Bodyscape photography uses a technique that allows you to take pictures with nude humans that are not erotic yet mesmerizing. These types of photography are normally performed black and white at a environment where natural elements may easily appear.

Firework Photography

As its name implies, fireworks photography focuses on clicking pictures of spectacular fireworks displays on nights. These types are quite simple and can be carried by an ordinary camera. When clicked correctly, this image looks quite majestic.

Abstract Photography

Abstract photography is viewed as an art form as they focus on shapes, patterns, colors, forms and textures. Abstract photographic images generally come in second to be viewed based in part on the effect and the nature of the images.

Macro Photography

Macro Photography enables photographers to view pictures from a closer range to showcase detail about the material. An intriguing topic for macro photography are floral insects and interwoven materials like sweaters and bags.

Aerial photography

Aerial Photography is an image photography that captures photos from high altitudes such as airplane, aircraft balloon parachuting, and skyscrapers. They also offer more detailed images about the subject and its context.

Baby Photography/Family Photography

Baby/family photography is also popular. Photographs for babies are taken if the family has a child. Various expressions of a newborn and family are captured in these photographs. It’s time for everyone to photograph.

Food Photography

Food photography means displaying photographs of foods that make them instantly appealing. Food photographers must pay attention both to a proper arrangement of the food and context to obtain the perfect shot.

Architectural Photography

It is used as a photographic medium to photograph buildings from several perspectives. Architectural Photography is intended primarily for creating a positive influence for potential property buyers.

Fashion Photography

Fashion photos capture models wearing fashionable light-displaying items like clothes, footwear, and others. These kinds of photographs are generally done in advertisements or for clothing magazines.

Black and White Photography

In recent years photography has become popular because it helps to show off the nature of the subject…. The photography used here mainly uses contrast and shadow to create realistic pictures.

Sports / Action Photography

It is an artistic style focused on capturing a decisive moment at sporting events. Sports photographs can be tricky for some photographers. It takes practice as does varying equipment.

Landscape photography

Many travellers took pictures of landscapes during their travels. Contrary to popular belief, these kinds of pictures are not limited to vertical pictures. Several landscape photographers found vertical shooting allowed them to photograph tall tree and mountain ranges as well as any other thing they felt compelled to photograph while exploring the wonderful nature. Landscape photographers work throughout the night, from dawn until sunset and often long after dark, to capture vistas in the night sky. These generations offer creative possibilities for drones too. This has helped to make capturing bird-eye view of the landscape easier and gives us heightened perspective to our images.

Wildlife photography

Another profitable niche for the photographer is wildlife photography. As an obvious task of capturing clear images of wild animals and wildlife without disrupting natural habitats, a job at such a niche will require substantial upgrading of camera hardware and equipment as well as safety measures. Not everyone is able to take photos in a natural environment. People are willing to pay for these kinds of photography. Wildlife photographs usually occur during difficult situations in some very dangerous and remote places. There are some techniques for sport photography that can also be useful.

Travel photography

Travel photography may encompass several subjects during travel. The magazine covers also many genres such as landscape photography, landscape photography, landscape photographs, nature and wild photography, architectural photography and cityscape. This is your chance to explore new locations and enjoy different experiences. Travel photographer and filmmaker Ana Linares has branched out in recent years into videography, travel photography, and social networking. This type of photography offers endless opportunities. The better you improve your pictures of your travels, the better you get.

Drone photography

Do we see things differently in the sky? In most cases landscape, event and property photographers have drones for taking photos. It can take extremely large photographs and reveal unique perspectives of the subject. The advent of drone photography enabled the development of easy and affordable 4K drones. In addition, drone photography has become popular among businesses. It is possible to make great photographs using drones. In some areas drone use is still required and can also require registration. Make sure that your photography sessions are carefully planned.

Still life photography

Despite its name this famous photography sector primarily focuses on photographing inanimate objects. In this area there is also product photography where advertising agencies photographed products in magazines and catalogs. You may showcase an entire product or a series following some of the themes in a particular way, as in the image. It’s advisable to take beautiful still life pictures with great lighting – Outdoor and Indoors. In product photographs, most people use the use of a light box. These remove harsh shadows and illuminate objects from every angle.

Pet photography

Animal portrait photography has similar concepts and techniques as portrait photography with fewer distractions and fewer poses. You have more freedom to make an image look beautiful and you have an alternative technique for shooting from a wide-angle or even capturing close-up images. Digital photography allows experimentation with multiple images, no need for film, and no extra costs. It’s a challenging photographic genre for people to take photos of their pets. Working closely with pet parents and encouraging them to take part in pet photo shoots.

Photography of events

Events Photography is widely used in specialized niches such as concerts, birthday parties, corporate meetings and weddings. It usually involves a combination of many photographic skills, because you capture everything from the people and the moments of candidity to the venues and food. Tell me the best photography portfolio to do in wedding photography and concerts is to know how to show an image rather than simply covering it. It certainly takes practice, especially dealing with people and covering specific events in specific situations.

Wedding photography

Wedding photographers usually focus only upon one topic (a wedding); however there are several ways to approach it. For instance, you may use a business approach in using the same patterns in all your photographs. Or it’s easy to embrace a wedding candidly by taking photos without people taking selfies with it. A couple of portraits and bridal engagement pictures are also offered. Wedding photography is a creative profession that requires a lot of speed and skill. Because it’s flexible, wedding photography needs many different tools.

Fashion Photography

When asked about jobs in fashion photography, they suggest fashion photography. For decades, they remain a lucrative niche. The biggest reason for this has to do with its popularity in advertisements. Fashion photographs usually feature celebrities or supermodels wearing high-fashion clothing, shoes and accessories. Because it’s necessary to showcase the outfit, it often requires many full body shots. Nevertheless, there is sometimes a portrait shot in the background. You can practice portraiture for a fashion photographer’s career.

Sports Photography

Sport photography is one profession that involves high-speed shots. Photographers who photograph sports generally have specialized sporting cameras or long heavy lenses which can be zoomed into the action. These lenses are specialized for taking photos fast and without the possibility of underexposing the picture. Sports arenas often hold photographers, so the competition in gaining slots remains quite tough. You can also increase the ISO for faster shutter speeds and experiment with angles if you are a sports photographer.

Abstract Photography

Abstract photography is a photography style that has deep roots in the arts. Its inspiration lies in artists of the late 20th century such as Cubism, Futurists, and the Surréalism current. Abstract photography transcends reality by renunciating recognizable objects as the principal subject matter. Instead it emphasizes geometry and microscopic ideas. How do I get amazing images of abstract subjects? Abstract photographs are not just visual; there’s a narrative, a mood, an intense message in each.

Portrait photography

Portraiture is one of the most popular photographic techniques. In fact, almost everybody has the opportunity to take photographs by smartphone. The ability to share and capture images becomes natural. The beauty of portrait photography is its ability to capture the character of the person. It could be done by posing, drawing close-up, or by generating a real expression. Pro photographers of the industry usually shoot famous celebrities and supermodels on red carpets or in magazines.

Food photography

If I wrote this article ten years ago, the food photography niche would have become much harder to break in. Unfortunately, social media has encouraged us to continue to take photos of our meals whether for entertainment or commercial reasons. In this era of smartphone photography, there is no need for a professional camera. Using a good camera and good light can create incredible food photography. Just check the correct white balance for accurate colors.

Macro photography

Some photographers prefer macro photography. Captured objects are relatively easy. All that’s fine if you’re properly equipped. Alternatively, for better image quality, you can use macro lenses in your DSLR or other mirrorless cameras. For photographers that need to get regular shots, macro photography might not work for them. It’s nevertheless an excellent genre if anyone wants artistic, highly compelling photography from real and non-living things.

Newborn photography

Photographing babies is similar to photographing portraits and baby pictures. The baby’s eyes may have sensitive lenses which makes the eye sensitive to light so you will need a camera that will allow for optimal use of the available light. Infants also have difficulties controlling body temperature and therefore it will take you cold or hot depending on what your precious subject wears. Why do women’s bodies move so frequently?

Fine art photography

Fine Arts is a form or photographic form which includes acquiring a digital or print copy or photograph for pure appreciation. The photographer is the focus, the technique, the chosen subject, and the statements the artist makes. To start a professional career — like Brooke Shaden Fine Art photographers — you must develop and maintain a personal style that other people can identify with as theirs.

Portrait Photography

Portrait photography has a long tradition. You can shoot people or animals. The pictures are often called portraiture. These kinds of photographers exist everywhere.

Landscape Photography

I think it would make sense to take photos of landscape photos in the first place.