Children's Portrait Photographer

Lots of smiles here!

Daniela (from Leighton Buzzard) and her three friends arrived at the studio on Saturday afternoon for a shoot. It was a 30th Birthday surprise for one of the girls and I think they were planning to have a drink or two in Berkhamsted once the shoot was completed.

The studio was switched from my families/children/baby set up where I use the raised stage, to a full height arrangement; the stage comes apart and is moved out of the way, I then utilise a white vinyl backdrop which is unrolled to cover the back wall and the floor.

After a brief chat with the 4 young ladies, it was clear that they wanted very informal, natural group shots. I think above all, they wanted to have some fun!

Cherub Portrait Photogrrapher

Piggyback rides!

For 25 minutes or so, I made suggestions for poses that I thought would work well and for the remainder of the session, the girls used their own imagination and tried out lots of different things 🙂 from Charlie’s Angels to piggyback rides!

30 today!

30 today!

Daniela and her friends were great fun to work with. I hope you enjoyed yourselves at the shoot and later on during your evening out on the town!