There are lots of reasons to visit a photography studio but here I present the top 5 (from my experience):

  1. Recording the stages of a baby growing up.

    When your new family member arrives, life flies by amazingly quickly and they grow and change almost daily, especially in the first year. That’s why so many people chose to visit the studio at least a couple of times before baby’s first birthday.

  2. Family portrait to give to grandparents on a birthday.

    Giving a family portrait to your mum on her birthday is really special. Even though you probably don’t live with your parents now, they can still have a wonderful reminder of you and your children to look at every day.

  3. Portraits of children to give as presents.

    Having a stunning photograph of your children to give as a Christmas present to close relatives is a favourite with many families.  Another is for a father to bring his children to the studio so that he can get a wonderful surprise portrait to give to his wife on her birthday.

  4. As a way of remembering a special Wedding anniversary.

    Many happy couples like to celebrate the anniversary of their special day with a picture for the wall. It brings back memories each time they look at it, not only of their Wedding day but also of the events that have filled their lives since.

  5. To use vouchers that were received as a gift.

    Studio vouchers make great Christening presents, birthday presents or Christmas gifts, the person buying the voucher knows that they are giving a wonderful and fun experience to their friend or relative and that they will receive images that can be looked at for years to come. Portraits are an excellent gift and vouchers are an easy way of giving one.