As we approach mid-summer 2021, the pandemic is still with us. For many, travel overseas to see friends, family, or for a vacation is very difficult. UK residents can’t travel to the USA for vacations :(. Countries are added to Green, Amber, and Red lists by our government, each list having rules on testing and quarantine for returning.

So now is the time to start dreaming of places to go (besides a wet weekend in Blackpool).

Prior to having kids, the mountains were always where I wanted to be on vacation. That was usually skiing in the winter and then hiking, backpacking, or some such adventure in the summer.

As anyone who has kids well knows, life changes when you take the plunge into family life. Along with sleep deprivation, nappies, etc, your vacation choices become distinctly different.

When it comes to skiing, yes, there are options for family ski trips with wrap-around care for babies and children. We took advantage of this 🙂 … and now have 3 children that enjoy skiing and boarding.

Summer vacations have been beach-based. For someone who doesn’t like sitting in the heat of the sun, it’s not always been fun. The kids are older now, getting more independent and able to do fun stuff. We got 2 of them to the top of Snowdon a couple of months ago!

So now it’s time to start dreaming. Maybe next summer we can travel. Maybe we can live our dreams, head out and explore somewhere we’ve not been before. Show the kids some new mountains – and for them a new country?

There’s talk of going to the USA. Before kids, we visited New England, skied in Wyoming, Utah, California. We backpacked in Yosemite, tasted wine in Napa, walked on the beach at Santa Cruz.

But how about heading somewhere big and spectacular? Colorado. I’ve been looking at Durango. Have you seen the activities? White Water Rafting, rock climbing, hiking, horse riding, and lots more. Yes, that’s all fun, but the scenery is magnificent! Simply beautiful.

After all these lockdowns and restrictions it’s good to have something to look forward to … Durango, CO summer 2022.

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