When you have a new baby in your life, everything changes; your life is turned upside down, you have no time left for yourself, you spend every waking moment looking after your new addition, trying to make the right choice and being the best parent you can be. You never imagined exactly how your life was going to be turned upside down! You never comprehended how fast your little baby would change, and they do, they change every day, if you blink, you might miss something – their first smile or first step.

Today’s babies are the most photographed babies ever and it’s no wonder, cameras are everywhere and with the advent of the Smart Phone, it’s so easy to share images and updates about your baby. These snaps are a lovely keepsake, but you might want to consider recording the major changes and developemnts in your baby’s first year with my Watch Me Grow programme.

The Watch Me Grow programme

This is designed for you and your family. For just £49, you can visit the studio for 3 photography sessions during your baby’s first year. This will enable you to recieve beautiful photographs of your baby looking their best, capturing their expressions and developing character  as they progress to smiling, sitting and walking.

What you get:

  • 3 Creative Photography Sessions
  • 3 Viewings where you can select your photographs
  • a beautiful portfolio containing 3 images, one from each of your photography session.
  • a discount on any purchases (20% off regular studio prices)

Just £49

You and your baby will visit my purpose built studio here in Berkhamsted for your photography sessions. They will be relaxed and clam. After your shoot, I process the photographs and prepare them for you to view. Your viewing is usually a week after the photographs were taken.