Newborn Baby Photography

I’ve recently created a new website for my Newborn Baby Photography business and thought I’d just explain a little about what I’ve been doing. Several months ago, before the summer that never was (it does feel like we hardly had a summer this year), ... read more

Watch Me Grow

When you have a new baby in your life, everything changes; your life is turned upside down, you have no time left for yourself, you spend every waking moment looking after your new addition, trying to make the right choice and being the best parent you can be. You... read more

Photography Tip – Lines of Perspective

Lines in photographs can be powerful elements of your composition. In particular, lines that converge towards the horizon draw the eye into a photograph and can greatly add to the interest of your photographs and they add to the movement within it. When you are next... read more

Autumn Photography with Douglas and Judith

For my Autumn Photography Sessions, I usually meet clients at the Ashridge Estate, this time was no different and I opted to get to Ashridge half an hour early so that I could do a final scout of my favourite spots. Unfortunately I arrived and there was too much mist!... read more

Photography Tip – Fast shutter speed

I hope everyone enjoyed the Tour of Britain cycle race that came through Berkhamsted this summer. It was a great opportunity to get some colourful and once in a lifetime photographs. One of the problems when we have moving subjects is to avoid motion blur. This is... read more

Photography Tip – Eye level

One of the best things you can do to improve your photographs, is to make sure you get your eye on the same level as your subject. This goes for almost everything, whether you are photographing a toddler, a flower, an ant or even some mushrooms! Okay, so what are the... read more

Frozen Portraits – Elsa or Anna?

How much would your daughter love a photograph of herself wearing her Elsa dress with magical stars flying from her hand – Her very own Frozen Portrait? Just £39 gets you a mounted 8″x6″ print and a 15 minute shoot! It would be a lovely Christmas... read more

Harry at 12 months – Berkhamsted Photographer

Harry recently visited the studio for his 12 month photography session, he’s been on the Baby’s First Year programme, he was just as happy as always. He enjoyed exploring more of the studio, playing on the trike and climbing the mini-staircase! read more

Jamie at 12 months

Jamie returned to the studio for his 12month shoot. He’s so cute and very active …. just as you’d expect. Jamie smiled and smiled, he was a joy to photograph! read more
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